Joseph Spens

Hello world. The purpose of this site is to share an understanding of my personality, my ways of working, and my decision making strategies.

I am self-driven, passionate, and both willing and capable to branch into new disciplines to provide the most value to my team. Those virtues have yielded a T-shaped engineer with a breadth of experiences creating alignment across roles in an R&D organization, while at the same time a depth of experiences as an individual contributor.

I am first and foremost a software architect passionate about finding ways to efficiently write higher quality software. Through that passion I have become an experienced product engineer with an understanding that the lines between product and engineering are often blurred, and alignment between product and technical strategies are a key component of success. The ultimate measurement of team success is through delivery, and as an agile developer I coach teams across disciplines in frameworks and methodologies that systematize and simplify the process to frequently deliver high quality work.